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Ewing & Germano Studio

We, as Ewing & Germano, paint, produce illustrations, sketches, designs, lettering layouts, oversee installations, and other details of keeping our business flowing while we produce large scale unique art for both business and private homes.

Jennifer’s love of color and paint comes through as she works to balance out tones, textures and effects. Leo is a natural born draftsman whose talents show in the perspective control, the proportion and the details that bring the work together.

Tributes Murals Giving Recognition, Honor & History Tributes Murals
I"dentity Identity by Design Murals
Celebrate Place Architecture & Landscape to Expand Space Architecture Landscape Murals
Unique Signage Hand Lettering & Artful Design Unique Signage
Decorative Special Effects & Trompe l’oeil Trompe l'oeil Murals